Commissioner's Statement on the Review of the Redress Process for Historical Institutional Abuse

Fiona Ryan, Northern Ireland Commissioner for Survivors of Institutional Childhood Abuse, said she welcomed the upcoming Redress review as an opportunity to make the process more victim-centred by engaging with victims and survivors.

“I have engaged with victims and survivors about their Redress experiences. While some were satisfied with that experience, others found it a highly-legalistic process, which they did not consider to be victim-centred and did not fully appreciate the lived reality of their childhood experiences of institutional abuse.

"My view is and has been that victims and survivors' experience is core to the Redress process and if they are saying that this process is unsatisfactory then we need to listen, and seek ways of incorporating their views and experiences so that the process addresses these concerns and responds accordingly.

“My hope for this Review is one that puts victims and survivors' concerns and views front and centre; that a robust and thorough review is carried out; that victims and survivors are engaged with at each stage of the process and whatever recommendations emerge are victim-centred and implemented in a timely and systemic manner.”