Role of the Commissioner in relation to Services

The Commissioner is not a service provider. The principal responsibility of the Commissioner is to promote the interests of Victims and Survivors of historical institutional childhood abuse. We can however give you information on how to access services and support.

The Commissioner has a duty to encourage the provision and co-ordination of relevant services in Northern Ireland. These are services that:

  • improve physical or mental health
  • help to overcome addiction
  • provide counselling
  • improve literacy or numeracy
  • provide other education and training or enable a person to access opportunities to work.

The Commissioner must also monitor facilities currently available in Northern Ireland that provide Victims and Survivors with:

  • counselling and information about how to access
    • health services
    • housing services
    • education services or employment services
  • and those facilities which provide advice on
    • opportunities for education or work or
    • entitlements to housing or social security benefits.