Northern Ireland Assembly Motion 5 June 2021 Redress Review

06 July 2021


Following today’s debate at the Northern Ireland Assembly where a motion was passed calling for a review of the work of the Historical Institutional Abuse Redress Board, Fiona Ryan, Northern Ireland Commissioner for Survivors of Institutional Childhood Abuse said she welcomed any measures which enabled the Redress Board to better understand the redress process from the perspective of applicants and improve the redress experience of victims and survivors of institutional childhood abuse.

She added: "The establishment of the Redress Board was a major achievement.

"However, some victims and survivors, both individuals and group representatives, have voiced their dissatisfaction with the redress process, and I want to acknowledge and thank them for sharing their experience of redress with the COSICA Office, the Executive Office and the Redress Board and in progressing these developments to the benefit of the wider community of victims and survivors.

"My view has been that victims and survivors' experience is core to the redress process and if they are telling us that this process is unsatisfactory then we need to listen, and seek ways of incorporating their views and experiences so that the process addresses their concerns and responds accordingly."



EDITORS NOTE:  For further information please contact Deric Henderson, media advisor to COSICA.     He can be contacted at:   Mobile 07802175350