Review of the Historical Institutional Abuse Redress Process

15 December 2021

Reacting to the news that the Review of the Historical Institutional Abuse Redress Process is now underway, the Commissioner for Survivors of Institutional Childhood Abuse, Fiona Ryan said:

 “I welcome the news that this review is now underway. This represents an essential step forward to achieving a redress process that is more victim-centred and trauma-informed. The Assembly united in calling for this review in July, following concerns expressed by some victims and survivors about their experiences applying for redress for the abuse they suffered whilst in the care of the institutions investigated.

 “As the review takes place, it is imperative that the Executive ensures that it proceeds with urgency. Survivors have had to wait for far too long to have their voices heard and to receive long-awaited recommendations set out in the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry nearly five years ago. Many are now in advancing years, some in poor health and time is very much of the essence. The 20th January marks the fifth anniversary of the Report into Historical Institutional Abuse and for many victims and survivors, there is symbolic importance to having the remaining Inquiry Report’s recommendations, including an apology, implemented at this time.

 “On the apology, it is important to recognise that a spectrum of opinions exists among victims and survivors which was acknowledged in the Inquiry’s recommendations. It has consistently been my view as Commissioner that the Review of the Redress process should be progressed in parallel with preparations for the full public apology, with resources allocated appropriately in recognition of the urgent nature of these matters. Victims have waited long enough. It is incumbent upon the Executive to deliver on commitments and implement long overdue recommendations.”